With Your Help I Can Take The Ultimate Step

Imagine seeing my name, "Beau Bridgland" starring as the main character on a hit Nickelodeon cartoon show. That is my dream. To do this, I must relocate from sleepy, rural Soham in England to the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and you can be part of giving me the best shot at making that dream a reality!

Following an epiphany 8 years ago, voice-over has constantly been in my thoughts and is with me in everything that I do. My life has never been the same since. In the past few years I have made a number of exploratory trips to Los Angeles to learn and network with the experts and develop my experience. I have done a lot of the hard work already and many of the essential starting points are set up and ready to go, I have met many of my heroes, made many influential connections and even have three voice-over agencies ready to sign me once my feet are planted on American soil.

However, such a life-changing move obviously comes at a cost and this is my biggest hurdle. Here are just some of the basic costs involved:

$6500 – Work visa and the associated legal fees
$1000+ per month – Accommodation
$800 – Flight

This is before we even get to food, travel, insurance and other necessities. I honestly wouldn't feel comfortable starting the visa application process with less than $15,000.

I have been working hard and saving my money from numerous international and UK based voice acting projects, as well as providing a bespoke video copying service, doing extra freelance work and also from an eBook that I wrote about achieving day-to-day happiness, which has been picked up by a publisher and is currently in the process of being published. Yet I have realised that I cannot do this alone.

I am about halfway to my financial goal but am hungry to get going. Los Angeles is home to not only the finest animation, video game and commercial projects but also to the greatest studios, teachers and resources as well. It has been wonderful seeing the friends and contemporaries I've made on my travels enjoy so much success and now I want to join them.

It is now that I need the help of sponsors, people or trust funds interested in investing in a bright, Californian future. You can help my dreams come true right now by clicking on the button below:

Any amount pledged and any assistance given will be hugely appreciated. Once there my plan will be to continue honing my skills and to make my way as a full-time voice actor. With a work visa in hand, I will finally be able to tap into an abundance of untapped resources and be fully open to all the wonderful opportunities LA has to offer.

Please consider sponsoring my leap for the stars. Imagine how proud you'll feel when you see the headline announcement of a young Englishman in his first, hit cartoon series knowing that you contributed to make the dream a reality. Thank you.