One Year of an Englishman in America

It has now been (over) one whole year since I moved from England to the USA to further my voice acting career. I have been absolutely loving it and am so excited for everything that lies ahead. When I first moved here I wrote a blog post about all the humorous questions I had about America. One year on, I wanted to do a sequel post about my experiences.

  • I haven't actually used checks as much as I thought but I think I kind of understand them now. Though I do still prefer to write “cheques” as it looks classier.

  • Sort of the same as the above for mastering the art and the science of tipping.

  • The different measurements have largely not mattered except…

  • Fahrenheit. I mean I don't automatically hear "100 degrees" and think all the water around me is boiling anymore but I'm not completely used to it yet. Thinking of it as a “percentage of hotness” helps.

  • I still don't care about college level sports.

  • If I'm writing on my (American) phone, I use American spellings. If I'm writing on my (English) tablet or handwriting I use British spellings.

  • I still don't like to call the immensely popular global sport where you actually kick the ball around to move it: “soccer”.

  • I think I managed to do Halloween right.

  • I have said to a few women that I like their pants and every time I've started blushing. I still mostly say “trousers” and probably will for a long time because saying “pants” still feels pretty strange.

  • I still haven't had candy corn or taffy.

  • I still have never been to a Denny's.

  • I call crisps “chips” now.

  • I love the Parks and Rec signs.

  • There is a completely different attitude to spiciness here. McDonald's Buffalo Sauce is incredibly spicy.

  • I knew that Thanksgiving dinner was kind of different from other meals I was used to but had no idea that Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner were essentially the same.

  • I was surprised I needed ID to buy a train ticket.

  • I'm not afraid of ceiling fans now… but I'm watching them closely.

Posted on July 2, 2019 .