An animated person for an animated job


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In many ways, Beau Bridgland is very much your typically polite, well-spoken young gentleman. Similar to Paddington Bear, he is sweet, courteous, caring and respectful. An idealistic young hero type, a voice that's perfect for a prince. More than this, Beau is someone who is fun, enthusiastic, intelligent and friendly. This is true for both his British English accent and his American accent too.

According to research, around the world there are MANY males in their teens and twenties. So if you need a Millennial representative for the teens and twenties; or need a young, versatile voice to relate to them, look no further than Beau Bridgland.


Beau Bridgland is a young voice actor based in Los Angeles for animation, video games, commercials, narration and more. A lifelong fan of cartoons, television, films and Nintendo, Beau has been fascinated by the voices behind his favourite characters since childhood.

Beau has studied with many brilliant teachers in the voice-over world and beyond such as Bill Holmes, Richard Horvitz, Crispin Freeman, Pat Fraley, Bill Applebaum, Keythe Farley, Tony Oliver, Gregg Berger, Charlie Adler and Rob Paulsen.

Additionally, in his formative years Beau also studied his craft from dozens of books, the Internet, hundreds of podcasts, visiting studios to watch auditions and sessions including at Nickelodeon Animation Studio twice, going to the Voice-Over International Creative Experience (otherwise known as the VOICE Convention) in 2012 and 2014 and meeting hundreds of other voice actors. Over the years Beau has also written to numerous voice actors he admires and has had the immense pleasure of meeting and befriending many of them and other heroes of his during his travels.

Originally from England in the UK and now working in LA, California, Beau is living his voice acting dreams. Beau loves what he does and has never been happier.

Agents and Representation

I am proudly represented by the following agents and agencies. Please click the names in yellow text to visit their respective websites:

Los Angeles (Main): Tom Lawless and Micaela Hicks at VOX, Inc.

Atlanta: Julie Martin at BMG Talent

Colorado: Go Voices

North Carolina: Shelly Murphy at Carolina Talent