There is always more to learn and we can always improve ourselves. If you are striving to push your career further forward, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, I highly recommend the following teachers and coaches:


Known to many as ‘The Voice-Over Doctor’, Bill Holmes is not only a fine actor but is also one of Los Angeles’ top voice acting coaches and demo producers. Bill teaches a large variety of classes including his very popular ‘Margaritas, Mojitos and Microphones’ classes featuring guest directors. Bill will teach groups and individuals in his studio Compost Productions, in workshops across the USA and even via Skype. Bill teaches in a straightforward, easy to understand way and has a remarkable ability to take people very far in a short space of time, unleashing their underlying talents. He is very patient, incredibly generous, kind but also honest and will always go the extra mile. He is so much more than a coach. Bill Holmes has had tremendous success with many students and whose brilliant coaching and outstanding demo producing are highly recommended by many top voice actors.


If you are serious about getting into the animation and video game voice-over worlds, then it would be very wise to take classes with Richard Horvitz. Richard has an incredible list of credits in the animation and video game universe and is a terrific acting coach. Richard teaches a simple but deep curriculum that will transport you to the next level. People can take his group classes or learn with him privately in Los Angeles or via Skype. Richard is incredibly kind, passionate and fun, lessons with him are extremely enjoyable. He is also a great demo producer.


If you enjoy the Voice Acting Mastery podcast, then you certainly will enjoy taking classes with Crispin Freeman. Crispin teaches a wide variety of group classes such as in Character Study, Animé and Improv to name a few. Crispin also teaches online in group classes and privately. He fully utilises a well balanced combination of his academic prowess, a sense of fun and determination to effectively teach his students. Regardless of whether you are familiar with his podcast, Crispin is a coach I highly recommend you seek out.


If you want to take your animation and video game voice acting abilities to the next level, you will certainly achieve that if you take classes with Keythe Farley. With a fun, friendly and relaxed, communal environment, Keythe's classes are fantastic for people at all levels. Especially in video games, where you get to work on sound sets and battle efforts, Keythe has a lot to offer that is provided rarely elsewhere.


Tony Oliver is a gifted director and superb teacher who can help you in your quest to improve in the fields of animation, video games and animé. He is just one of the teachers in a range of workshops and workouts hosted at Bang Zoom! Entertainment studio and provided by Adventures in Voice Acting (AiVA). The fields of ADR, dubbing and matching to picture are taught in few places and not easy to master on your own, so consider going to AiVA to master these skills.


As one of the most highly sought after and successful coaches in Los Angeles and a voice acting career spanning decades, Pat Fraley is certainly worth checking out. In addition to the huge variety of classes he teaches in-person and online, he has produced many coaching booklets and CDs for those who want to learn about voice-over in their own time at their own pace.


So many actors and voice actors suggest improv classes to further your career, so why not learn from one of the best improvisation coaches in the business? Bill Applebaum holds frequent improv classes in Los Angeles, creating a safe environment for students where they get to play, have fun, explore their creativity and learn. With a free participating audit, what do you have to lose?


Not only is Rob Paulsen one of the most talented people I know but is also one of the nicest people I have ever had the immense pleasure of meeting. Rob has had an outstanding voice acting career that spans decades, is one of the voices of my childhood and a hero of mine in this industry. A private class with the Emmy award winning Rob Paulsen is certainly something you won’t regret. Rob Paulsen is not only my coach but has also become my friend and I am very blessed.


BOB BERGEN is one of the best voice acting teachers in the world and is highly recommended by everyone who has learned from him. His knowledge of voice-over is endless and his advice is priceless. Why is he just a footnote on this list? Because I’ve never been able to take a class with him, he’s that in demand!

BILL FARMER is not just a voice acting legend but also a great teacher. I had the pleasure of learning from him in a large seminar/workshop at VOICE 2012 where he provided many brilliant stories, tips and tricks. He is certainly a teacher and demo producer worth looking out for.

GREGG BERGER is a fantastic voice talent who I am very fortunate to have worked with in one of Bill Holmes’ Margaritas, Mojitos and Microphones classes. With a cool and kind approach, Gregg was an excellent coach and if you ever see him teaching a class or workshop, I highly recommend it.

CHARLIE ADLER is one of the most fascinating people I have ever met. I had the incredible fortune of working with him in the 'margarita night' mentioned above. Charlie is intense, passionate, sweet, fun, energetic and the funniest man I have ever met. If you see a class with Charlie Adler, GO!

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