5 Ways I Feel Newer The Simpsons Episodes are Better Than Older Ones

The Simpsons is without doubt one of the most popular and well-loved television shows in the world and has been going strong for over 25 years. However, many argue that the show isn't as good as it used to be. I myself do prefer some of the "older" episodes but have found there to be a huge number of terrific episodes after the show supposedly "lost its touch". The show still brings me a lot of joy, great laughs and I love it. I actually think there are ways in which the show has improved with newer episodes. So here are 5 ways I personally feel newer episodes are better than older ones:


For a start, the current opening sequence is bigger, better and funnier than ever, taking viewers on an expansive journey through Springfield. Along the way we see all of Springfield's best-loved citizens in entertaining situations with many humorous references to classic moments in the show's history.

Now, in addition to Bart's Chalkboard and the Couch Gag, we are treated to varying comical Billboard Signs and amusing and bemusing replacements for a three-eyed Black Crow flying past the screen to make the start of each episode even more unique. In addition to this, we occasionally get other cheeky little changes, for example we've seen Lisa's instrument change from a Saxophone to a Trumpet and even a Harp.

Finally, the couch gags themselves over the years have become more ambitious than ever – from referencing more pop culture, to the couch gags being cinematic masterpieces.


The quality of the animation now is superb. The show looks more amazing than ever in those glorious HD graphics. Plus, it's nice to have characters have their hair and clothes coloured properly, to have the correct voice come out of a character's mouth and so on. The improvement in the quality of the animation also leads to more of something that The Simpsons always excelled at...


The show is well-known for its background jokes: store names and signs featuring little witticisms, puns, cultural references and even references to earlier episodes that you can see in the background – real "blink and you'll miss it" stuff. Thanks to both better quality animation and the ability to pause TV now, it's easier than ever for viewers to see and enjoy these gems. So these days, the show can put in even more of these fantastic little nuggets of comedy.


As time has moved forward, the characters and the relationships between them have grown- and not just the Simpson family, but the rest of Springfield's citizens too. Over the years we have come to love them us much as the five main characters.

What's wonderful is how the bonds have developed between those secondary characters: Burns and Smithers; Lenny and Carl; Chief Wiggum and Lou; Principal Skinner and Superintendant Chalmers and many others. Many wonderful jokes and even whole stories have be born out of these brilliant connections.


Many would say that Ralph Wiggum is the best Simpsons character. Everybody loves Ralph jokes. Over the years Ralph's personality has been weaponized into making him the king of one-liners and now he's funnier than ever!

Here, to conclude this blog post, I will include my favourite Ralph Wiggum moment. It's a shame to think that people who have given up on the show are missing out on outstanding moments of comedy such as Ralph Wiggum in the Toilet.

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Background jokes and references have even more detail these days.

Background jokes and references have even more detail these days.

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